First Orthondontic Visit

An Orthodontic & Dental Team All In One


With Dr. Liz's dual specialization, you can feel confident knowing she already has a comprehensive understanding of your child’s dental history and can utilize that as a way to direct her decisions about orthodontic care. There is no back and forth between offices, signing of release forms-it’s all in one place under the continuous care of one doctor!

Dr. Liz dedicated three years of specialized training in orthodontics after completing four years of dental school and went through the rigorous steps of getting board certified by the American Board of Orthodontics. She continues to take classes to stay up to date with the current techniques and technology to provide the highest quality of care for your child.  Her passion for providing comprehensive oral care for her patients is what drove her to dual specialize in pediatric dentistry as well. You and your family’s orthodontic and dental care is simplified by having one destination for all things smile related!

We Offer A Variety Of Orthodontic Options

Custom Orthodontic Care In DubliN

Dr. Liz will go over your oral health history and make recommendations from clear aligners to braces. She will also go over options depending on whether your child is in Phase I of orthodontic care (ages 7-10 years old) or the teen phase (age 12 and up). Following the plan, our team will provide you with estimates and discuss what straightening treatments entail and how long treatment will take, as well as how your child can to maintain their smile afterward! We will also discuss dental care during orthodontic treatment and go over any particular needs your child may have during teeth straightening.

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Answering All Of Your Orthodontic Questions

Our Team Is Excited About Your Smile!

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When should my child get braces/orthodontic treatment?

Every orthodontic case is different, so we recommend a consultation with Dr. Liz by age 7 as recommended by the American Association of Orthodontists. If your child can benefit from an early orthodontic treatment, we will recommend a Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment, which typically involves appliances and/or limited braces to help broaden a narrow jaw, create adequate space for the grown-up teeth and prevent any potential impaction, while correcting skeletal/jaw discrepancies. Phase 1 treatment is done while there are still baby teeth present and it is generally shorter than a full comprehensive treatment. After Phase 1 treatment is completed, your child will receive a retainer and we will continue to monitor growth of the jaws and development of the teeth.

When Does My Child Receive Teen/Phase 2 Treatment?

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Once your child loses all of their baby teeth and has all the grown up teeth in, we will re-evaluate for Phase 2 treatment. Other times, your child may not need an early orthodontic treatment and can wait until a comprehensive ortho treatment. In such a case, we will continue to closely monitor your child's dental and skeletal development and recommend treatment at an ideal time. The typical age to start Phase 2 treatment is 12 years old, but it’s common for people to receive orthodontic care at all ages and stages of life! We recommend preventive orthodontic care as a means to avoid future issues. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have a great smile during what can be tough teen years!

Why Is Teamwork Important in Orthodontic Treatment?

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Orthodontic treatment is truly a team effort that involves the doctor, the patient, and the guardian.

Some of the key things to have a successful treatment outcome are:

  • Keeping good oral hygiene and regular dental check-up
  • Being compliant with wearing  your appliances, elastics, and retainers as instructed
  • Avoiding foods and habits they may cause appliance breakage
  • Keeping regular orthodontic appointments

It takes a great teamwork to create a great smile!

Comprehensive Orthodontic Consultation



Dr. Liz will thoroughly exam your child's bite and oral development to see what orthodontic care they may need now or in the future.


After the exam, you'll get one on one time with Dr. Liz where she will go over the findings of the exam with you. This is also a good time to ask any questions you may have!

Treatment plan

Dr. Liz will lay out all possible treatment options if any are needed. Together, you will develop a treatment plan that covers your child's needs and works within your budget and lifestyle.

*Additional Orthodontic Records typically taken at a separate records appointment, including but not limited to digital radiographs, intraoral scan, and clinical photos, will be needed for a definitive orthodontic treatment plan.